Radiant Crypto CEO, & Lead Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager, Adrian Kolody (Headshot)Adrian grew a cryptocurrency portfolio over 20,000% in under 6 months, and is the Lead Portfolio Manager at Radiant.

Radiant Crypto CTO & Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Engineer Hilal Habashi (Headshot)Hilal is a former researcher for the University of lllinois at Urbana-Champaign at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications and the Computer Science Department. He is Radiant’s Full stack developer, cryptocurrency & blockchain engineer, and network security specialist

Radiant Crypto CIO & Lead Web Developer, Co-Founder of Illinois Tech's Cryptocurrency Club, Jordan Mynes (Headshot)Jordan is the co-founder and President of Illinois Institute of Technology’s Cryptocurrency Club (bIITcoin Chicago). Jordan has been especially interested in the technological side of crypto for seven years, and is the Lead Web Developer for Radiant.

Radiant Crypto CMO, Jonathan Tuttle (Headshot)Jonathan is the VP of Miller Chicago Real Estate, Founding Director of Revenue Ascend LLC, and Co-Principal of Midwest Park Capital.

Within the past decade, financial technology has been advancing in a direction that most households and businesses do not understand. As blockchain implementation and utilization has become a normality for individuals looking to diversify their assets as well as secure a form of payment for business owners – whether it be between businesses or with the consumer – an immense information market failure has stemmed. As these digital assets have become enticing to majority of innovative firms and with the vast potential of blockchain beyond a currency, it has become quite obvious that there would be friction in scaling this technology if the information market failure was not resolved. 

Before our team here at Radiant agreed that we were the ideal candidates to tackle this education barrier, our fascination for this technology led us to seek out ideal investment opportunities for our own portfolios. Through the course of 2017, our team was able to optimize the screening process for these blockchain investments and invent a system that allows our customers to minimize risk in a highly volatile market. Before our team was working collaboratively, each of us had our own approach in seeking investments within this industry; each strategy unique in its own way. Through feedback from industry experts and the best portfolio managers across the globe, we have come up with an ideal process to eliminate the extraneous information regarding blockchain and effectively provide our customers with the most valuable insight regarding these investment opportunities.

As college students that went from having solely a baseline understanding of this industry, to becoming some of the most involved individuals in researching early stage blockchain investments, we believe that our team can empathize with those that have not taken the time to understand this technology in full; We too were at that point in the beginning of our career. Through sifting out arbitrary resources pertaining to blockchain and learning to avoid extraneous news, the team at Radiant has identified a few robust investing tactics and methodologies.

Before Radiant was a collaborative effort, each of the founders was substantially involved with this technology individually; whether it be developing on the blockchain, actively trading these assets, or working to build partnerships and connections with founders and team members of these companies, the soon to be Radiant founding team was already working towards understanding this technology in full. 

Through participating in numerous courses that were said to explain this technology, our team realized that majority of the information about these technologies was scattered and irrelevant — the core concepts are not as difficult to understand as most people make them out to be. When our team realized that the people acting to explain this technology were doing a very poor job, we knew that there was an opportunity for us to solve this educational friction regarding blockchain first hand. 

Our consulting firm was founded under the idea that young bright minds can collaborate to effectively structure the acquisition of knowledge regarding this technology, and make understanding of blockchain effortless for the average individual or business owner. The first step for the Radiant team was to structure courses regarding this subject matter that is digestible for people from all backgrounds. Through clarifying this technology, teaching individuals how to properly develop for blockchain, and effectively solving this information market failure, we feel that the industry will scale fluidly in the upcoming future. This market failure is the main reason for high volatility in this market which is truly what intimidates the average investor. After the volatility simmers and the information sources regarding this technology are proven to be factual, blockchain should grow in a more steady manner.

From this point, our team strived to reach out to blockchain experts and formulate a process to effectively educate the public on blockchain potential as well as structure our investment process such that anybody can understand how we seek out investments. Beyond solving the information failure that is present in this industry, Radiant identified a few transaction market failures that businesses encounter when scaling or implementing this technology. 

The main transaction failure that we noticed among small businesses is that they cannot take any form of digital currency as payment. This hinders the adoption of these technologies since consumers cannot spend these currencies which in turn decreases their intrinsic value. Now, since we can note that most holders of these currencies believe that businesses will eventually adopt this form of transaction, we figured it was in our best interest to develop a streamlined process for implementing a working transaction platform for small businesses. 

Using the industry standard transaction platform, BitPay, and troubleshooting most problems that businesses would encounter when implementing this technology, we were able to effectively solve most of the implementation barriers that small business owners would experience. Through allowing the business to receive payment in the form of Fiat yet allowing the consumer to purchase normal goods in the moment using their own choice of currency allows them to not have to sell off their holdings in a lump-sum and can encourage users to diversify their own portfolio as they please. BitPay can be seen as a confusing platform to implement for businesses and comes with its own set of issues. At Radiant, we plan for these unexpected problems and effectively implement this technology for small businesses.

The worse transaction market failure is experienced when blockchain companies cannot scale their technology due to language barriers and lack of transportation to potential locations of adoption. Many blockchain companies are founded overseas and many of these founding teams do not understand how to target the markets for these technologies in the Chicago area. Since Radiant’s members have a great amount of influence in the Chicago blockchain community, it is easy for our team to target this market on the behalf of these foreign companies. Through our role as a community ambassador, we are able to make these companies scale through our networks and effectively solve this transaction failure to our best ability.