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Radiant’s financial consulting package provides access to all three courses as well as the ability to work closely with the Radiant consulting team to establish a personalized trading strategy.   


We offer personalized investment advice based on your initial principal, risk level, and desired time frame

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We also provide risk-mitigated investment strategies for diversified pools of money for smaller sized groups (2-10 people)


Using our refined investment blueprint, we are able to confidently provide insight into promising investments for large groups and enterprises (10+ people)

Through our unique methods of diversification as well as our structured securement process, Radiant provides clients with a robust trading approach to maximize compounding as well as mitigate risk when investing in early stage companies. 

What is all the hubbub?

Perhaps some of your ancestors experienced the Gold Rush of 1849; that kind of mania is difficult for anyone from our era to understand, mainly because there has not been anything remotely close to it since.

That is, unless you invested in Bitcoin, or many other cryptocurrencies, any time before Q4 2017. The market charts for everything and anything crypto literally went through the roof that quarter, drawing comparisons to the famous Gold Rush in California well over a century ago.

The similarities are uncanny. There’s a finite supply of Bitcoin, and it also must be mined to enter circulation. It’s quite easy to see why Bitcoin has been dubbed digital gold on several occasions. There’s just one small difference: the average citizen can obtain “digital gold” a whole lot easier than physical gold in 1849. And with the potential to completely restructure the global finance system, alongside every single other industry known to man, the cryptocurrency rush is far from over.

The early adopters of crypto were rewarded greatly in 2017. Those that invested at all-time highs learned their lesson about when the fear of missing out, FOMO, comes into play. However, we are still in the early stages of adoptions, and you can still be an early adopter! Avoiding succumbing to FOMO is tough, it requires a certain mentality; for that, trust Radiant Crypto Consulting.

Radiant Crypto Consulting - Don't let charts consume you

For the longest time, cryptocurrencies finally seemed like the way for the majority of investors to easily make money. And it was; until the average investor took note of cryptocurrencies and the market forces brought the entire cryptocurrency market back to Earth. The strategies here are different if you’re in it for the long-run. Traders looking to make a quick buck might be able to scalp a few trades, realize their profits and leave the crypto space alone. However, witnessing the opportunity to grow your portfolio not by percentage but instead in multiples makes it quite difficult to step away.

It is often difficult to step away from the charts, particularly when your portfolio plummets 50% seemingly overnight. However, selling out of emotion is the easy and risky approach, and carrying a grudge against cryptocurrencies because of a quick market move may be a mistake. Sadly, most investors that input their initial capital in late December or January are victims of this reality. But markets would not exist if people were only losing money at any given time; When someone is losing, there is always someone else winning.

As opposed to being discouraged, all investors should be joyous that the markets have given us yet another chance to increase our position before increased adoption or another bull market. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has never crossed $1 trillion, a benchmark that is very easily justifiable once the technology comes to fruition and realworld adoption begins to happen.

Radiant Crypto Consulting - Blockchain Visual

Bitcoin, the first blockchain-backed cryptocurrency, stands at a little less than a decade old. Today, there are only a handful of other coins that have been around for longer than 3 years. Every single industry will be influenced by blockchain in the next decade, the potential for growth is unprecedented because cryptocurrencies are not solely commodities or investment vehicles: They are also currencies, digital infrastructures, platforms, tokens, and distributed systems. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will define the 21st century and it is vital to familiarize yourself with the innovation happening right now. Not only because it’s going to change the world, but also because it can make you very wealthy.

As exciting as the technology is, most everyone knows what the end goal is for them individually: profit. To truly succeed in the long-run the approach of gaining more coins is much more profitable than looking at the fiat value of your portfolio. It is a very tough mental dissonance to rid and a major factor why many people succumb to the volatility of the markets and let emotion take control.

Cryptocurrencies are like the wild, wild west. There’s minimal regulation, exchanges are private entities, and there honestly is much less transparency than in a typical financial market. Let’s not even begin to touch on the insane amount of volatility. This is a space not for the faint of heart. Luckily, the portfolio managers and investment professionals at Radiant are cowboys that have learned how to conquer the wild, wild west. And we’re now ready to teach you the crypto rodeo.

Members of our team have turned three figures into five, four figures into six and five figures into seven. And that was all AFTER Bitcoin hit its then all-time high in May 2017. We’re not passive holders who bought 1000 Bitcoin with spare change in the early 2010s. We traded, invested, and compounded our way to financial freedom and are committed to help you do the same.

While we have theoretically lost fiat value during this bear market of 2018, we have been growing the size of our holdings by continuously applying the investing and trading strategies we teach you during our private sessions. So once the next bull market hits its stride, the work will really begin to show. Can you say the same?

No matter what your current knowledge base is, Radiant is here to work with you to help achieve your financial and educational goals within the blockchain space. Even if you do not want to invest any money, but are still curious about this revolutionary technology, we have blockchain engineers and security specialists on call to teach you everything you need and want to know.

Financially, our portfolio managers will dedicate their time to personalized sessions each time one is requested. You are the most important piece in this puzzle and want to help you grow your wealth. 

Whether its basic investment theses, risk mitigation, exit strategies, or day trading, Radiant professionals can improve your expertise in any or all these disciplines.

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