Empowerment through education

At Radiant, we believe we can make the world a better place with the power of education. We provide educational course material for all skill levels, and for a variety of blockchain-related interests.

Prices coming soon!

Read about our courses below! We’re putting the finishing touches on our courses right now, but once they’re ready to go live, prices will be visible below.

Entry Level Course

Our baseline course, recommended for new investors

$ X / session
  • Baseline understanding of blockchain technology
  • Identify the benefits of blockchain technology
  • Distinguish cryptocurrencies from digitial assets
  • Start trading both cryptocurrencies and assets

Intermediate Course

Our mid-tier course, geared towards individuals who are comfortable trading

$ Y / session
  • Recurring traders choose ths course
  • Independently seek out appealing investments
  • Analyze whitepapers in-depth

Expert Course

Our professional level course, designed for experienced traders with a technical background or understanding

$ Z / session
  • Diversify your trading strategy
  • Discuss advanced techniques
  • Engage with smart contracts